Dynamic Reporter

We are living in a world where Quality is a top factor in picking any service or product, second comes the turnaround time followed by convenience. If there is an offering that provides all the above elements, chances of success are very high. The demands of a market research practitioner is not different from this, he is dependent on high quality data for creating insights, availability of data on right time and convenience of doing analysis using available resources. For powerful insights that are actionable, a combination of all the above factors is a must.

Today, the consumer ecosystem is so dynamic that research is done on a scale that was not even imagined ten years back. There is always a pressure on the researcher community to deliver insights faster with quality and at a lower cost. There is a continuous pressure to deliver more insights at a much higher speed to take the right business decisions. Market research is evolving, but still a lot of work is done under traditional service approach. A project is run for a few weeks, data is processed for a few days and then reporting takes from a few days to a few weeks. In a single project we do a lot of redundant tasks that impact both quality and timelines and create dependencies on other parties like vendors or programmers.

What researcher wants?

1. Faster Data Processing – As insights are dependent on data, every researcher needs data faster to aid analysis.

2. No Compromise in Quality- Often speed takes away the quality element from data, so faster data with 100% quality

3. Power to PowerPoint- A good amount of effort in creating PowerPoint reports and on a regular basis. Any help in creating PowerPoints or word reports makes things easier

4. Insight Sharing- Access of insights to the right stakeholders, backed by data is one of the most important attribute for a successful research

So, what needs to be done!!

There is a need of a system that can be embedded in the survey system that can automatically create quality data, process it in the desired format(Crosstabs) then create PowerPoint reports in the desired format. Imagine all this done within a cloud based system with results accessible online as well as offline for better sharing and all projects available within a unified platform.

On these lines, we have created a smart solution ‘Dynamic Reporter’ that not only automates almost 80% steps after data collection, but also delivers quality insights on a cloud based system.

How Dynamic Reporter Works..

Dynamic Reporter is a cloud based platform and can integrate APIs with any survey system. Once APIs are integrated, a seamless data bridge is created and all data flow into the native system of Dynamic reporter. After data is collected, rule based automations process the data and creates crosstabs as per desired Tab-specs. It then further pushes data to the dashboards which are developed based on research requirements and are available as soon as the data collection gets over. Now, the researcher just needs to select the right variable and filters to create desired charts as per the available research template and PowerPoint reports get created on the click of few buttons.

Application areas of Dynamic Reporter:-

1. Brand Track Studies – In different track studies, where templatized reports are created every wave.

2. Concept test studies – There is always a standard way of executing concept test studies within an organization. As the standard format is followed, Dynamic Reporter can be easily integrated

3. CSAT and NPS studies –These studies have a standard way of preparing the reports and insights and can easily be done

Benefits of using Dynamic Reporting:-

1. Faster results

2. Elimination of manual work to enhance quality

3. Easily customizable and convenient as per the need of a researcher

4. Reports available on the Fly without any dependency on vendor or agencies

5. Unified platform for all research reporting projects

So, Dynamic Reporter is a system that is Fast, Quality driven and provides convenience to its users and improves the overall project execution. To know more, get in touch with Knowledge Excel Team.