Good insights are always conveyed with a powerful report. Changing business needs and limited attention span asks for creative ways to involve people and convey ideas. Our vast experience in story telling and technological prowess, helps us to fulfill the demand of our customers for interactive dashboards and reports.


Every business needs to track its performance on different parameters. With a good mechanism to generate real time reports and easy to understand dashboards, businesses can gain edge over their competition.

With Knowledge Excel's expertise in cloud based dashboards, there is a solution for every reporting problem.

Real time survey results/ Crosstabs
KPI Dashboards
Trend analysis dashboards


Our understanding of data and experience on charting enables our team to deliver powerpoint reports quickly with actionable insights.

A dedicated team works on charting and data population, giving researchers enough time to focus on insights and create recomendations.

Insightful Reports
Template Creation & Charting
Cloudbased Powerpoint Reports


Advancement in technology and data visualization platforms has made customers dependent on platforms suited to their business needs.

The technology team of Knowledge Excel is well trained on all the leading BI platforms and can deliver dashboards on client preferable platforms.

Tableau Dashboards
Power BI

We present your aggregated data graphically and visually to give you a better understanding of patterns and trends in your data.

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