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Gamification Surveys

Knowledge Excel team works with a moto 'Make surveys great again". With the inclusion of technology in the market research space, surveys become lengthy and lost human touch.

Our proprietary techniques to include game mechanics in surveys are helping our respondents to respond better as they are better engaged.

Engagement elements based on game mechanics
Real-time Rewards and feedback for better responses
Role playing and well defined story board


Realism in the choice scenario is a key factor in getting true response from a respondents. A well designed shelf is a great example of virtual reality and replicate the buying experience.

So, whether you want to do a shelf test for a choice model study or a shopping cart exercise for basket analysis, our well designed shelfs are simply the best.

Interactive virtual shelf
Templatized design for quick implementations
Easy Integration with multiple programming platforms


With increasing reach of research, language is no more a barrier for collecting data to fulfill research needs.

With our experience of delivering surveys in more than 80 languages, we can reach out to right audience anywhere in the world fit for your research needs.

Translation by native language speaker
Translation of Open end questions from survey
Optimized for mobile devices


Today, more than 70% of the surveys are completed on Mobile and these handheld devices have increased completion rate by 30%.

All our surveys are device agnostic with 100% compatibility on all mobile devices.

Device Agnostic surveys
Optimized for low internet bandwidth
Survey formats suitable for mobile devices


Consumers have an attention span of a goldfish. When traditional surveys are not the best way to get short feedback from customers, "SMS based survey" comes to rescue.

With our offering on SMS based surveys, reach out to the right group of people quickly and in a cost effective way.

Short SMS surveys on Mobile devices
Integration with other survey platform
Protected customer data


With rapidly changing marketplace and increased footprint of businesses, it is very important to understand market dynamics and act accordingly.

With our expertise in handling 100+ tracking projects every year, we understand that consistency of surveys and questionnaire are the key for understanding market shifts successfully.

Usage and Awareness tracker
Advertisement Effectiveness
Brand Imagery
Consumer Sentiment

Conjoint & Maxdiff

When the objective of research is to design a product, define pricing strategy, optimize portfolio or launch a new product, researcher go beyond traditional methods and use Choice modelling and Maxdiff.

With our innovative solutions on Conjoint & Maxdiff Programming, very few can match our capabilities and ideas in the research industry.

Menu Based Conjoint
 Adaptive Choice Based Conjoint
Hybrid Conjoint
Anchored Maxdiff
Bandit Maxdiff
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