True insights are dependent on quality data. As the complexity of a survey increases, more attention on data processing is required to generate decisive insights. With our in house team experienced in handling multi-source data of varied complexity, Knowledge Excel is a partner that never compromises on data quality.


Data is the most valuable entity of a research on which decisions are made. To understand and deliver desired results, a well processed data is must.

With our well defined process to ensure consistency and quality, our clients rely heavily on our expertise for all their data needs.

Data Preparation
Data Validation
Data Stacking and Cleaning


A structured dataset is the first requirement for any research project. With increase in the modes of data collection and processing tools, data scientists spends a lot of time in aligning data from different sources and that too in different formats.

With years of experience in research, we understand the value of single format of data, that is analytics ready. Our team is tool agnostic and is capable to work on any data, no matter what is the source and format.

Diary Data integration
Transactional Data Management
Tracker Data Merging & Management


Over representation of certain groups in data can lead to insights that do not show the true picture of market. Even during data collection, its impossible to always collect balanced sample, hence dependence on weighting.

Knowledge Excel can support on any weighing or calibration assignment, irrespective of the complexity and scale.

Rim Weighting
Factor & Target Weighting
Share Calibrations

Cross Tabulation

With human brain trained to see tabulated information, data starts speaking quickly when presented in the form of tables. Tabulated outputs are a standard deliverable of all our projects and helps our customers to get the best out of their projects.

We have rich experience working on Quantum, Wincross, Q & Decipher, ready to meet any need on crosstabulation.

Data Tabulation
Significance Testing
Online Cross Tabs


Verbatim questions give survey respondents a window to share their sentiments. With inclusion of free text questions in quantitative research, open end coding is now an integral part of every research.

With our Man-Machine model of coding open end responses, quality is the most important parameter followed by speed.

Sentiment Analysis
Root Cause Analysis
Brand and Pure Open End Coding

Data Management Services provides practical, real-world data management solutions.

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