Research Industry has seen a lot of changes with the evolution of Technology. With easy access to tools and platforms that can help in getting results faster, experience plays a big role in getting the right actionable Insights . Our experience of more than 15 years in the field of research and high end analytics ensures that our clients get best ROI whenever they work with Knowledge Excel.


When the aim is to offer the best product, it is always difficult for brands to decide which feature are best suited to customer needs.

Knowledge Excel is helping brands in shaping their products with the use of new age methodologies like Menu based conjoint , Banndit's Maxdiff and Pref-TURF that clearly defines what will work with consumers.

Max Diff Based Bundling
Optimization By Conjoint


Great products need optimized pricing to succeed in this competitive world.

At Knowledge Excel, we use advanced price modelling ranging from discrete choice to hybrid regression models to find the pricing sweet spot.

Gabor Granger
Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Monitor (PSM)
Conjoint Analysis
Brand Price Trade-Off (BPTO)


We apply advanced conjoint methodologies, including customized “what if” simulators, to steer strategic decisions for major brands.

Gain clarity on the ideal product/service mix, cannibalization, marginal willingness to pay and market inflexion points.

Scenario builder
Revenue Maximization
Cannibalization Measurements
SKU Rationalizer


We recognize that consumers react in an emotional manner while seeing a concept for the first time. The rational processing starts a little later, sometimes after being exposed to the stimulus multiple times.

In our framework of Concept Testing we capture exactly this sequence thus making our approach closer to the real-life consumer decisions.

Product Swipper
Video, Text and creative testing
Hot Spot Analysis


Ad campaigns, particularly TVCs, typically run into millions.

How do we ensure your advertising investment delivers the best possible return? Our fast and accurate solution to assess how real audiences will respond to your advertising is unique and generates enough information to take decisions with confidence.

Ad - Tracks
Online Diagnostic Tools
Competitor benchmarking


Knowledge Excel offers full range of segmentation solutions to suit specific business needs.

Our solutions ensure, business impact that is focused on measurable improvement in ROI, growth & frame optimal strategies for key marketing decisions. Also, Segments are identifiable, accessible and sufficiently large to justify resources spent.

Objective Driven Segmentation
Expectation Maximization Algorithm (Latent Gold)
Segmentation by Optimization
Meta Segmentation

Talk to our Knowledge Excel team to find out how we can help you

Talk to our Knowledge Excel team to find out how we can help you...